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Summer Supercomputing Academy

No field in the history of human civilization has exhibited as much growth nor is capable of as much sustained impact as that of supercomputing. And no field is in more need of educating future experts capable of mining its potential value to science, technology, commerce, and the societal welfare. The 2012 Summer Supercomputing Academy is among the few such events worldwide that are addressing this critical need for new intellectual leadership and capability in order to harness the next generation of supercomputing technology for the many challenging domains of application. I congratulate the organizers of this in-depth forum for this undertaking and the quality of the curriculum that will be presented. More so, I congratulate and encourage the many participants from diverse backgrounds who have accepted the challenge and the mandate to benefit from this rare educational experience and to serve as instruments of future progress through the medium of supercomputing. Whether your interests are in furthering the technology of HPC towards the goal of Exaflops-scale computing by the end of this decade or you are seeking to become a domain expert in one of the many sciences, engineering disciplines, or other areas of applicability, the Summer Supercomputing Academy will advance your capabilities to achieve your personal goals and in so doing contribute to the revolution that is upon us. I regret that I cannot be among you at this time. But I am confident that your endeavors will contribute to the advancement of supercomputing and the many important fields to which it can contribute. With my warmest regards, I welcome you to the 2012 Summer Supercomputing Academy.

Thomas Sterling
Professor of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University
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