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About the academy

Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Supercomputing Consortium of Russian Universities, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of MSU, Scientific Research Computing Center of MSU  announce Summer Supercomputing Academy from 25 June to 7 July, 2012.

Summer Supercomputing Academy grants a unique opportunity to be trained on a wide range of specializations in supercomputing technologies and parallel computing and to practice with the MSU supercomputers: “Lomonosov”, “Chebyshev”, Blue Gene/P.

Undergraduates, postgraduates, junior scientists, faculty staff, and school teachers can apply.

The Academy educational program covers a wide area of HPC topics.  The  first week program consists of lectures and master-classes on the most burning issues of exaflops computations, prospects for the supercomputing technology development, modern technologies of super-scalable applications development, computationally complex problems  and methods of their solution, overview of  supercomputing technologies from leading IT companies such as IBM, Intel, Nvidia, T-Platforms, Mellanox and others.

The second training week is comprised of independent training tracks, which are profound courses on specific themes. The tracks determine the training specialization individually selected by each student of the Academy among the following subjects: graphical and multi-core processor programming, advanced MPI/OpenMP parallel programming,  FPGA programming, supercomputing modeling using OpenFOAM, Accelrys Material Studio, FlowVision  and others. There are a lot of secondary training events: master-classes of Intel, Melanox, NVIDIA, RogueWave; excursions to MSU supercomputer complex; popular science lectures and others. The students who finish the training at the Academy successfully are given certificates.

Training at Summer Supercomputing Academy is free.

Advanced retraining courses of faculty staff on the programs «Scalable Application Development» and «Supercomputing System Management», where the graduates are given State Diplomas, are held simultaneously with the work of the Academy. Advanced retraining program participants have a unique opportunity to be involved in all of the Academy's events apart from intensive learning.

An official language of the Academy is Russian.

To participate in the Summer Supercomputing Academy you have to fill the registration form on the website of the Academy and submit a letter of recommendation.

Applications submission is due to 7 of May 2012 (Extended to 15 May 2012).

The President of  Summer Supercomputing Academy: Rector of Moscow State University, academician V.A.Sadovnichy.
The leader of the Academy educational program: The Corresponding Member of the RAS, professor V.V.Voevodin.

Official email of academy is academy [at]

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