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Materials Studio Official Training by Accelrys

Ауд. 574

Руководитель трека

Dr. Alexander Goldberg


Take part in a unique opportunity at MSU to undertake a 5 days training on the leading Materials science modeling and simulation solution “Materials Studio”, available as an unlimited site license for MSU users. Learn and improve your modeling techniques with the most successful in-silico prediction of materials properties.
Materials Studio and molecular modeling approaches are “materializing” into a solid pillar of modern materials innovation in Academia and Industry, and helps leading global companies and top universities worldwide to design innovative and improved-properties materials in Aerospace, Chemicals, Energy, Care & Cosmetics, Electronics & Automotive industries and to control better drug delivery mechanism and administration in Pharmaceutical sectors. Materials Studio is the broadest and deepest scientific multi-scale modeling environment comprising more than 20 modules including the best predictive science algorithms.
Everyday, modelers around the world tackling various scientific questions, gain ground and drive more innovation to tackle today’s world challenges (composites for aerospace, efficient chemical catalyst, fuel cells and biofuels, grapheme-based innovation, smart materials etc…), reducing the environmental footprint (less CO2), meeting government regulations, improving cost efficiency of running lab experiments, reducing the innovation cycle times to deliver new products and ideas.

Максимальное число участников: 20
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